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Become a volunteer Counting Buddy and not only will you make a difference to one child’s life by providing vital numeracy support, but you will also be helping to break the cycle of learning difficulties and disadvantage that affect so many children and families in our community.

Your mentoring, friendship and one-to-one care and attention will provide these children with the support that they would not otherwise receive.

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Volunteer Checklist

  • Complete relevant Working With Children Checks that we will send to you
  • Fill out a Volunteer Details Form that we will email to you
  • Undertake a three hour training session with a Learning Links psychologist where you will learn how to work with a child with numeracy issues and other learning difficulties
  • Commit to being available to meet with your child buddy on a one-on-one basis at their school for 45 minutes each week for 10 weeks
  • Attend the school for a one hour orientation session before starting
  • Attend a feedback session and celebration party
  • Participate in the evaluation of Counting for Life®
  • Have a desire to help permanently improve the educational future of a young boy or girl!

It is really important to the children and their improvement that volunteers are fully committed to the program. For children to improve their numeracy skills and build a supportive relationship with their Counting Buddy, continuity with the same Counting Buddy is required. Volunteers must be available to attend at least 80% of the weekly sessions at the specified times.

Each volunteer is provided with a Volunteer Reading Buddy Manual that is 120 pages of helpful information about the program, tips on working with children and detailed session structures and questions.

Structure a of 45-minute session

Each session contains the following components:

  • Highlights – Initial chat and catch up
  • ✓ Warm Up – Practising counting patterns
  • Stretching – Learning the importance of place value for numbers
  • Main Event – Practising addition & subtraction or multiplication & division
  • Cool Down – Application of number skills to worded problems
  • Celebrating Effort – Reflecting on the session and celebrating the amazing things achieved
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‘Being involved in the program has helped me with my confidence. I have learnt new ways of interacting with people. It is a good experience and I would do it again.’

 ‘I would recommend this program to other high school students as it helps with skills for later in life’

 ‘My child’s confidence has risen. He used to be quiet and didn’t like to answer questions, but now he loves coming to the program and jumps around full of energy’

 ‘I have learnt how to adapt to different styles of learning to help the children understand’

 ‘I think it is a really good program. I have developed more self-confidence and learnt how to teach and do maths in different and fun ways’

 ‘The program was fun, I enjoyed helping the children’